Men's & Women's Classic Dome Milgrain Brushed Wedd


Modest and minimalistic in design, the Milgrain Brushed Wedding Ring is the perfect choice for sophisticated brides and grooms. In addition to white gold, it is offered as a ceramic ring, tungsten ring or cobalt ring, and it is available in 6.5mm and 8.5mm widths to complement both larger and smaller hands. Customise with a white, yellow or rose insert in 10kt, 14kt, or 18kt gold, and personalise with our engraving service.

$382.50 $450.00

Product Information

Gender Men's & Women's
Outer Material Tungsten Tiffany
Inner Material Yellow Gold
Karat 10K
* ct = carat; kt = karat; tcw = total carat weight

Last update : 11/15/2019