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Founded in Switzerland in 1918, MIDO is based in the city of Le Locle, in the heart of the iconic Swiss Jura mountains. The name MIDO comes from the Spanish translation, meaning "measure".

The foundation of MIDO is to combine aesthetics, authenticity and functionality. The refined, understated designs of MIDO timepieces reinforce the concept of timeless quality. Beyond fashion and passing trends, MIDO watches are distinguished by their durability. MIDO shares these essential values with the worlds most iconic and historical architectural achievements, which inspire the emotions and design of each timepiece. Cutting edge technical innovations, mechanical movements known for their excellence and high quality materials are the three pillars on which the brand’s unique expertise rests. For nearly a century, MIDO has been a global benchmark in Swiss made mechanical watches.

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Multifort M0256271106100 Watch M0256271106100


Multifort Patrimony 40.00 mm M0404073606000


Multifort Patrimony 40.00 mm M0404071606000


Multifort Patrimony 40.00 mm M0404071604000


Multifort Chronometer 1 42.00 mm M0384313705109


Multifort Dual Time 42.00 mm M0384293606100


Multifort Dual Time 42.00 mm M0384293605100


Multifort Escape 44.00 mm M0326073605009


Multifort Escape 44.00 mm M0326073605000


Multifort Special Edition 42.00 mm M0054303605180


Multifort Special Edition 42.00 mm M0054303603180


Multifort Mens 42.00 mm M0054302203180


Multifort Mens 42.00 mm M0054301106180


Multifort Mens 42.00 mm M0054301103180