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ZRC was founded by Edmond Zuccolo and Joseph Rochet in 1904 in Geneva. The firm first launched the Grands Fonds model in 1958. In 1964 the watch was chosen as the French Navy’s official watch, with the approval of NATO.

The watch with cutting-edge technical features adapted to deep-sea diving was also used by combat swimmers from the Commando Hubert, the French Diving School, the mine-clearance divers of Toulon, the Paris Fire Brigade, and the Italian Navy.

The new GF300 is a real safe deep-sea diving tool, completed by innovations that are specifically designed for people working at sea, such as the unidirectional rotating crown with 60 notches. The watch is equipped with a steel ring coated in black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) with phosphorescent dots providing vital reference points for divers. And to prevent the bezel from being blocked by crystallisation from sea salt, ZRC has included one of its inventions: the Easy Clean System (ECSTM) which makes use of fresh water to dilute and evacuate salt and dirt.

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