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La Maison Monaco – Jewellery and Watch Trendsetter of Quebec

Inspired by decades of creative collaborations and expertise, Swarovski opened its first boutique in the 1980s. The world’s fascination with a new brand of jewellery and crystal figurines began. With the introduction of the annual limited-edition Christmas ornament, a new tradition was born for collectors around the world.

Today, the Swarovski Crystal Business has a global reach of approximately 3,000 stores in around 170 countries, more than 29,000 employees. Swarovski has been a family-owned business is now run by the fifth generation of family members. Nadja Swarovski, the founder's great-great granddaughter, became the first female member of the Swarovski executive board in 2012.

All Swarovski crystal produced since 2012 have been lead-free.

Swarovski products are available in-store only at in-stores only. Please contact us for additional information.