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La Maison Monaco - High Quality Jewellery and Swiss Watch Brands

Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the Gucci Jewelry brand was extended in the 1970’s with the introduction of Swiss Made timepieces and was developed in 1997 with Italian-made silver jewelry, followed by a Fine Jewelry collection in 1999. The jewelry portfolio has grown over time and today includes dazzling, made-to-order High Jewelry parures that represent the pinnacle of innovative creativity and impeccable craftsmanship.

All Gucci Jewelry designs offer a uniquely Italian and contemporary take on elegant style and glamour, incorporating the brand’s signature motifs, such as the Horsebit or ‘GG’ monograms. In its most luxurious expression, Gucci Jewelry is embellished with precious stones such as rubies, sapphires or diamonds, and the latter are always Kimberley certified.

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Ouroboros YBB672434001 Necklace YBB672434001


Ouroboros YBC679103001 Fashion Ring YBC679103001


Ouroboros YBB681828001 Necklace YBB681828001


Flora YBD702691001 Earrings YBD702691001


Flora YBA702389001 Bracelet YBA702389001


Flora YBB702393001 Necklace YBB702393001


Flora YBC702391001 Fashion Ring YBC702391001


Interlocking G YBD662427004 Earrings YBD662427004


Interlocking G YBA662430002 Bracelet YBA662430002


Interlocking G YBB662429002 Necklace YBB662429002


Interlocking G YBC662428004 Fashion Ring YBC662428004


Interlocking G YBA679118001 Bracelet YBA679118001


Interlocking G YBB679120001 Necklace YBB679120001


Interlocking G YBC679113001 Fashion Ring YBC679113001


Interlocking G YBB679116001 Necklace YBB679116001


Interlocking G YBA679117001 Bracelet YBA679117001


Interlocking G YBC679115001 Fashion Ring YBC679115001


Icon YBC679262002 Fashion Ring YBC679262002


Icon YBC679262001 Fashion Ring YBC679262001


GG Running YBD652219003 Earrings YBD652219003