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Brief History of Breitling

February 1, 2021 |La Maison Monaco| 0 comment

In the world of fine watchmaking, nothing happens by chance. The manufacturing details are of extreme precision. Breitling is no exception to the rule.

The history of the brand is fascinating, revolutionary for its time. Behind its creation, a timeless thought and a progressive will. In 1884, Léon Breitling founded a manufacturing workshop. He had a vocation in mind; to defy time by designing the most precise watch. He reached his goal, and he succeeded in bringing his own brand to the Swiss market.

In 1914, Gaston Breitling, son of the founder, took over the company. He designed the first wristwatch; Breitling was one of the first houses to offer a chronograph watch. Since then, the brand has established an important place in the world of Swiss watchmaking, notably with the invention of the first chronograph pusher in 1915. Periods of high performance have been the results of this glorious success.

Breitling also has a great history in science. In 1923, thanks to a collaboration with scientists of the time, Gaston was able to separate the starting and stopping functions from resetting to zero. This marked a new era of glory for the brand.

After the death of Gaston Breitling and after surviving several world crises, including the Wall Street crash of 1929 and the Great Depression, Gaston's son named Willy, took over the reins. He gave the chronograph an utterly new image by designing the brand's first bracelet. In 1934, he patented the first two-pusher chronograph to replace the old single-pusher mechanism, which he believed was a significant defect for the users. Willy continued to distinguish himself and was responsible for the creation of the first self-winding chronograph in 1969. This feat was a turning point for aviation pioneers who needed a reliable and precise instrument. They soon adopted the Breitling Chronograph, and the brand became the official supplier to the world's aviation community.

Today, Breitling continues to innovate by introducing new models that are more efficient while meeting and staying ahead of time trends.

La Maison Monaco is proud to join the Breitling movement by being the only authorized Breitling watch retailer in Quebec City and offering customers an unparalleled service. You can now take a virtual appointment on our website to benefit from our extensive knowledge and valuable assistance from our sales consultants.

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